I offer in-person workshops and classes in Prince George, BC, and occasionally in other locations. 


I also will create custom offerings for groups of 4-8. Please contact me to discuss creating your dream experience!



Breath of Bliss™ is a breathwork journey that infuses sensation, emotion, and presence to awaken your aliveness. Each journey is led with vocal guidance, empowering affirmations, music, and intentional sound healing. The result? An opportunity to embody your highest self, and deepen your capacity to love, heal, grow and thrive.

The underlying message of Breath of Bliss™ is that you are a powerful and creative being, and all questions and answers reside within your own beautiful vessel.

The breath is a sacred tool that is available to each and every one of us. When used effectively, breath has the power to:

  • Cleanse, detoxify, and nourish our bodies

  • Balance and harmonize our Body, Mind and Spirit

  • Heighten states of consciousness and awareness

  • Unlock and access ancient codes of wisdom, truth and guidance

  • Connect us with our Highest Self/Knowing – our true essence

  • Release and heal past/present wounds, traumas and suffering

  • Gain clarity and  direction

  • Awaken and align us with our divine purpose

  • Amplify intuition and creativity


Upcoming Workshops

Solstice Sex Magic Online Series

Dec 6, 13 and 20: Tuesdays 5-6:15 pm PST on Zoom

Join me for a very special 3 week series where we learn to harness sexual energy to help you manifest your Solstice desires. For thousands of years, people have recognized the Winter Solstice as a powerful energetic portal that can be accessed for growth and spiritual transformation.

In this series we co-create a potent container over 3 weeks in order to build momentum and strength into our intentions. Learn how your can tap into the power of your sexual energy and the Solstice portal to create what you desire for these next 6 months.

  • Week 1 (Dec 6) will be devoted to Ceremony and Intention Setting

  • Week 2 (Dec 13) will be Breathwork and Embodiment

  • Week 3 (Dec 20) will be a guided Sex Magic session.

This series is for women only, over Zoom and you will be able to maintain your privacy at all times.


Investment: $88+gst. To register, send me a message HERE or text me at 250-961-0123

Release 2022.png
Releasing the Regrets & Disappointments of 2022

Sunday, Dec 11th 3:00-5:30 pm PST Online over Zoom

As we close out 2022, let us come together to release any lingering effects of disappointments and regrets from the past year so that we can be ready to replenish our hopes and replace the old picture with a new and inspiring one.

This virtual and interactive workshop over Zoom will include:

  • Using breathwork and 5 senses exploration to fully feel and alchemize your 2022 experiences and 2023 dreams

  • EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping to let go of the energetic & emotional charge these events have imprinted in your body

  • A fire ceremony dissolve the emotional hooks that you are ready to let g

  • Getting clear on and excited about your new dreams and desires

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • integrate any learnings from 2022 experiences

  • clear the blocks that are holding you back from moving forward in the coming year

  • re-ignite your inner fire so that you feel ready and inspired for 2023!


Investment: $88+gst. To register, send me a message HERE or text me at 250-961-0123

BB Winter Solstice 2022.png
Breath of Bliss ~ Winter Solstice Ceremony

Dec 21st 5:30-3:30 pm @ Chinook Yoga, Prince George

Welcome the return of the light this December 21st at Chinook Yoga with this special Breath of Bliss Ceremony. For thousands of years, humanity has recognized the Solstice as a celebration of energetic portals that can be accessed for spiritual transformation.

I invite you to connect with the special Solstice magic to make the most of the energy at this pivotal point in the year. Be a part of a group of luminous, like minded individuals dedicated to manifesting our individual and collective dharma to make the world a better place.


We will:

  • Celebrate all that you have achieved in the past year

  • Clear areas where you are still stuck and release self sabotaging patterns that block you from your highest potential

  • Set powerful intentions to lead you through the next 6 month period with grace and ease

  • Create a collective vision for humanity and all beings for 2023

  • Start this new cycle by creating powerful intentions and holding space for the manifestation of your dreams. Allow yourself to SHINE from the inside out for the next 6 months and beyond!


No prior experience of anything needed, everyone welcome!

Investment: $88+gst. To register, go to Chinook Yoga HERE

From the Mouths of Babes

More kind words from some of my lovely clients. 

If you’re ready and willing to go deep into your story and brave facing what you find with truth and courage, then Carla is your coach. I found all the exercises we worked through to be so helpful and insightful. The visualizations and accessing my body with your guidance allowed me to move stuck energy and gain powerful insights. ~ Sandra Payne

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Pathways to Pleasure Series


Ready to experience more pleasure? Join me for a powerful five-week in-person training in an intimate group setting where you will be lovingly supported in opening to your pleasure potential.


Together with a supportive group of like-minded women, you will explore the sacred practice of Transfiguration, one of the most powerful tools of transformation and embodiment. Embrace deconditioning, transforming, and grounding into the divinity of the goddess in all her unique expressions - all within YOU!


Class 1: Shakti Yoga and Embodiment Exploration

Class 2: Opening the Channels ~ Womb & Breast Massage

Class 3: Jade Egg ~ Anatomy of Pleasure

Class 4: Jade Egg ~ Awakening Erotic Energy

Class 5: Body of the Goddess ~ Unveiling & Transfiguration Ceremony


This five-week exploration is perfect for the women who are ready and curious to heal the connection with their sacred sexuality.


Upcoming Pathways to Pleasure Series

Planned for Prince George in Jan 2023. Details to be announced soon.