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Couples Relationship Transformation & Sacred Sex Private Coaching

I offer two processes for couples - Relationship Transformation Coaching and Sacred Sex Coaching. Both of these offerings are for couples in long-term relationships who are ready for the next level of love, connection, pleasure, and intimacy.

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Relationship Transformation Coaching

Long-term relationships can be wonderful. They can provide security, support, and a foundation of love and respect upon which to grow a life together. But they are also challenging. Life can become predictable, even boring. The spark that initially connected you fades. Desire can feel like a thing of the past. 

There are many reasons why over time relationships experience challenges. 

  • We have been sold an illusion of ‘Happily Ever After’, which means we project a vision onto our partner of needing to be perfect

  • We expect one person to meet all our many complex and varying needs

  • We expect unconditional love

  • We look to our partners to do our inner work or solve our problems

  • The pressures of our modern world and lifestyle are stressful and challenging

  • There is very little mirroring of what the true depth of a long term healthy relationship looks like

  • Because we don’t really know what to do when things are less than great, we avoid the problem or just hope it changes magically on its own. 

It is no wonder that so many people in relationships have forgotten how to be with their partners, and that so many feel emotionally disconnected and sexually unfulfilled.

How I can help.

The reason that the Relationship Transformation Coaching process is so valuable is that it provides a safe container for both people to learn how to thrive both as a couple and as individuals. There is so much potential in a relationship when it becomes a container for evolution, for both personal and coupled exploration and healing. 

Coaching provides support for each person to become more fully empowered to heal, evolve, and experience. This in turn creates more space as a couple for authentic truths, expanded kindness, enlivened passion and a deep love and respect for one another. 

I support you with embodied exercises, practices, and tools steeped in neuroscience (including PSYCH-K®), trauma healing, modern psychology, and ancient Tantric and Daoist wisdom. You learn how to release your energetic blocks, fears, and contractions in intimacy, both with yourself as well as with partners.


There are 5 pillars that I use:


Clarity, Connection, Communication, Deep Healing, and Intimate Sexual Eroticism. Here are some of the kinds of practices we may explore:

  • PSYCH-K® Balances, Transforming Stress and Messages protocols

  • The Couple Bubble

  • Meet My Inner Child

  • Healing at the Root

  • The Couple’s Breathwork Experience

  • Sandbox Lovemaking

  • Holistic Sex Tools

  • Navigating Relationship Styles (i.e., monogamy to polyamory)

Practice in between sessions is very important and the most progress is made when the couple makes this commitment and follows through together. 

With Relationship Transformation Coaching I support you as a couple to create the relationship you truly desire and a life filled with incredible sex and deep intimacy. 

I serve couples of any identity or orientation.

You are worthy of experiencing the intimacy you desire, the sex you want, and a deeper connection to yourself and your partner.

Sacred Sex Coaching

Sacred Sex Coaching is for couples who want to become incredible lovers and expand their consciousness through sexual awakening. This offering is deeply rooted in the Classical and NeoClassical Tantric traditions. 

Tantra is a sacred tradition in which awakening is pursued through embodiment – where we reconnect and integrate our emotions and the capacity of our physical body to experience a range of sensations and experiences as a means to access our divine nature within. Tantra can help you forge a new connection with yourself, your partner, and your sexuality. It can be the key that unlocks a new chapter of your personal and coupled expression of love-making and sexual awakening.

With Sacred Sex Coaching, you can reach exquisite levels of pleasure and expanded orgasmic states using your breath, attuning to your senses and your partner’s energy, and bringing intense awareness, and deep intimacy to your sexual experiences. By awakening and activating key energy points in your body, you create an energetic alchemy where sex becomes the gateway to expanded consciousness and soulful connection. 

How I can help.

Most people come to Tantra because they are looking for better sex or more sacred sex. And while those are great reasons that I fully celebrate, one of the incredible benefits of this exploration (in addition to epic sex) is the journey of discovering truths about yourself and your partner that take you to new levels of intimacy, connection, and love of life. 

I support you with specific Sacred Sex exercises, practices and tools that come from ancient Tantric and Daoist teachings as well as the latest neuroscience, modern psychology, and Earth Priestess wisdom. You both learn how to discover deeper embodied truth through the body, energy, sexuality, and intimacy with the self and others.

Woven through the sessions are core Tantric philosophies, principles and practices that assist in the process of awakening and connection.


Here are some of the kinds of practices we may explore:

  • PSYCH-K® Balances, Transforming Stress and Messages protocols

  • Desires, Fears, Love

  • The Couple Bubble

  • Sex Alchemy

  • Sex, Love, Spirit Breath

  • Primal Sacred Sex

  • The Valley Orgasm and the Full Body Orgasm

  • Chakra Lovemaking

  • Sex Magic

  • Pussy and Penis Massage

Practice in between sessions is very important and the most progress is made when the couple makes this commitment and follows through together. 

With Sacred Sex Coaching, I support you as a couple to awaken your sex life to incredible heights by exploring new techniques, and help you create the spiritual expansion in your lovemaking that you dream of.

I serve couples of any identity or orientation.

*if you are single and are interested in Sacred Sex Coaching, I can offer sessions customized for you! Please reach out and we can chat more.  


Ready to Say Yes to Couples Coaching?
Here’s What to Expect:

Start by booking your free initial connection call with me.

This is a pressure-free 30-45 min call for us to meet each other and make sure that we have a good connection and flow, that your needs and my expertise align, and decide if this is the right time for you to start this journey (time, finances and energy). This can be done as a couple or with one person.

Once we start together

  1. Our first session will be focused on getting clarity from both of you. Clarity sets the foundation for all the work that we will do together. We will also explore desires for each of you and see if we can find a matching desire that becomes our North Star for our sessions. 

  2. We then meet at regular intervals (usually weekly) to dive into inner exploration work as well as somatic and embodiment practices and integrative tools that specifically align with your desires.  We will also reflect on the insights of each session and create a plan to continue your growth and connection between sessions.  

  3. Practice in between sessions is very important (in fact essential to this process and your success), and I will provide specific guidance to support you. You will receive a detailed email after your session with practice suggestions, resources, and supporting material. I also offer check-ins by email/text/messenger in between sessions to support both of you.

Your Investment

I deeply believe in the powerful healing and transformation that happens as a relationship grows between the coach and the clients. Both Relationship Transformation and Sacred Sex Coaching require a commitment by the couple. For this reason, I ask for a 6 month commitment to work together so that you can both experience the most amazing results possible that this work has to offer.


Sessions are approximately 75-90 minutes in length online (2 or 3 times a month) and followed by a detailed summary email with practice suggestions and supporting material. Online video allows you to work with me anywhere in the world from the safety and comfort of your own space.

You also both have access to me via What's App or email in between sessions during  weekdays.

  • 2 monthly sessions: $720 per month for 6 months

  • 3 monthly sessions: $1,080 a month for 6 months


(Note: If you choose to pay in full, you receive a special bonus. Prices are in USD; however rates for Canadians are at par.)

In certain cases I do offer an introductory 2 month package. Please contact me for details.


Benefits To My Couples Coaching

  • Support navigating personal and coupled challenges relating to sexual/life fulfillment, limiting sexual/life patterns, capacity to receive pleasure, and/or healing trauma

  • Shifting from nervous system dysregulation to a reprogrammed and coherent nervous system

  • Liberating self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs by eliciting a Whole-Brain State so you can easily achieve your desires

  • Removing blockages in the physical, emotional, and energy bodies to access the transformational power of your sexual energy

  • Increased sexual desire and sexual connection between you and your partner

  • Spiritual expansion and awakened consciousness through sexuality and intimacy

  • Personalized and private experience within a safe container, feedback, guidance, and support by me 

  • Support that fits your own schedule

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