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Women’s Sex, Love & Relationship
1:1 Coaching

Each and every one of us is a sexual being with a tremendous capacity for love and connection. However, our conditioning, society, values, and experiences often lead us to feel a deep lack of sexual and sensual confidence and empowerment. So we move through life feeling "not enough".

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Reawakening our true, innate creative and sexual nature lets us live life from the place of wholeness and health that was always there but just forgotten.

Underneath the blockages, fears, and contractions around our sexuality, hearts, and relationships is a being within that wants to live life from a place of openness, freedom, and connection. I have found that after 40, a woman really awakens to this desire and is ready to really reclaim all that she is.

Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching provides the catalyst for transformation to have the sex, relationships, and love that we desire and deserve. At the heart of this process is Tantra.


Tantra is a tradition in which awakening is pursued through embodiment – where we reconnect and integrate our emotions and the capacity of our physical body to experience a range of sensations and experiences as a means to access our divine nature within. Tantra can help you forge a new connection with yourself and your sexuality - it can be the key that unlocks a new chapter of your self-love and personal expression.


As women, connecting to our own radiant pleasure is how we tune into our power, wisdom, and divinity. Unfortunately, in our modern world, sacred sensuality is largely a lost feminine art form. The pressures of a hectic lifestyle, self-judgement, sexual trauma, and our tendency to dissociate from being fully in our bodies mean that many of us are shut down and missing out on a fully pleasurable life.

In a Sexual Empowerment Coaching session, I help women access the transformational potential of their sexual energy to heal blocks that can be found in the physical, emotional, and energy bodies. As a result, you will thrive in your body, health, relationships, and life. My unique background as a Coach, PSYCH-K® Facilitator and Homeopath helps you feel fully supported on your journey. Every session is customized is customized to meet your needs exactly where you are at.


What if:

  • You could permanently change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging?

  • You could unlock your creative potential?

  • You could heal trauma that might be stuck in your womb or other parts of your body?

  • You could feel exquisitely alive and navigate life from your heart?

  • You could deepen your intimate connection with yourself and/or your beloved?

  • You could soften into the subtle sensations of turn-on and relax into them without any goals?

  • You could awaken your innate erotic nature and feel awake, alive, and turned on by life?

Ready to Say Yes? Here’s What to Expect:

Start by booking your free initial connection call with me.

This is a pressure-free 30-45 min call for us to meet each other and make sure that we have a good connection and flow, that your needs and my expertise align, and decide if this is the right time for you to start this journey (time, finances and energy).

Once we start together:

1. We map your desires in our first session


Our first session will be focused on creating a Desire Map. We explore in detail about what you most want with our work together. This becomes our Guiding Star, which will help me design a specific route to help you get where you want to be.  


2. We journey together from a place of curiosity and discovery


We then meet at regular intervals (usually weekly) to dive into an exploration of embodiment practices and integrative tools that help move you forward on your journey. The tools I use are based on ancient Tantra, Earth Priestess wisdom and the latest in neuroscience to support you to trust that the greatest sex, love, and relationships exist for you when you are living in deep alignment with who you are at your core. We will also reflect on the insights of each session and create a plan to continue your growth between sessions. 


Here are some examples of the types of practices we may explore:

  • PSYCH-K® Balances, Transforming Stress and Messages protocols

  • liberating the family dynamic

  • embracing the inner child

  • awakening the womb voice

  • building an ecology of thriving

  • finding emotional empowerment

  • intentional self-pleasure 

  • techniques like jade egg and womb/breast massage

Each session is a personalized experience that addresses your immediate needs while  building a supportive framework of exploration and practice. These practices allow you to become more attuned to your body, your innate sexual power (the fuel for women to live in creative authenticity), and your capacity to live life from a place of less stress and more ease, more pleasure, more expanded awareness, and more connection to yourself, your body, and your relationships.

I also use my experience and skill as a Homeopath to support your journey with remedies and regimen advice. Included in six month sessions are two sets of homeopathic remedies that are mailed to you (note: there may be a small fee to cover out of country mailing).

3. Practice and integration between sessions

Practice in between sessions is very important, and I will provide specific guidance to support you. You will receive a detailed summary after your session with practice suggestions, resources, and supporting material. I also offer check-ins by email/text/messenger in between sessions to support you.

Your Investment

When a relationship is nurtured between coach and client, deep healing and powerful transformation is possible. For this reason, I ask for a 6 month commitment to work together so that you can experience the most incredible results possible that this work has to offer.


Sessions are 75-90 minutes in length online (2 or 3 times a month) and followed by a detailed summary email with practice suggestions and supporting material. Online video allows you to work with me anywhere in the world from the safety and comfort of your own space.

You also have access to me via What's App or email in between sessions during  weekdays.

  • 2 monthly sessions: $660 per month for 6 months

  • 3 monthly sessions: $990 a month for 6 months


(Note: If you choose to pay in full, you receive a special bonus. Prices are in USD; however rates for Canadians are at par.)

In certain cases I do offer an introductory 2 month package. Please contact me for details.


Two scholarships are available for those who can’t afford the full price. Please contact me for details. 


In-Person Sessions

In-Person Sessions are available in Prince George, BC. These sessions have a bit of a different format, including ceremony and hands-on healing. They are 2 hours in length and have a different pricing structure.  

I also offer 1:1 Personalized Retreats for the woman who is interested in a deeply rich, intensive experience. I can come to you or we meet in a beautiful location. 

If you are curious about knowing more about either of these options, please contact me for details.

Benefits To My 1:1 Coaching

  • Support navigating personal & coupled challenges relating to sexual/life fulfillment, limiting sexual/life patterns, capacity to receive pleasure and/or healing trauma

  • Shifting from nervous system dysregulation to a reprogrammed and coherent nervous system

  • Liberating self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs by eliciting a Whole-Brain State so you can easily achieve your desires

  • Removing blockages in the physical, emotional and energy, bodies to access the transformational power of your sexual energy

  • Personalized and private experience within a safe container, feedback, guidance, and support by me 

  • Support that fits your own schedule

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