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Welcome,  I’m Carla.


I’m a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach and Creatrix. I help women and couples over 40 to release their limiting beliefs about their sexuality and relationships so they can feel fully able to choose love as the guiding force in their lives.


Do you desire to be more loving? Do you desire to experience more pleasure and sexual delight? Do you desire a relationship that is based on trust and authentic intimacy? You are in the right place! 


Everyone can experience more love, pleasure, empowerment and connection in their lives. And I am here to help.


Reconnect to your sexual power, move from surviving
to thriving and say YES to life!

Working With Carla

"Carla's coaching is a beautiful experience. She brings depth of wisdom and breadth of knowledge and practice to help ground, discover, unleash, embody and integrate Goddess wisdom in daily life, no matter what that looks like for each individual. I'm so grateful and hope to continue learning from her for many years to come." ~ Nicole Lindsay 

From the Mouths of Babes

Wondering how can coaching help you? Hear right from my incredible clients…

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I call myself
a Creatrix.

Sexual embodiment coach. Embodied yoga and breath facilitator. Lover of dance, music and movement. Believer in the breath. Mother to 3 divine souls. Health and holistic nut. Explorer of stillness and expansion. Tantrika disciple. World adventurer. Artist and visionary. Seeker of truth and authenticity. Warrior for freedom. Dedicated healer of the collective. Devoted partner to my beloved. Priestess and pathfinder of the sacred feminine. Believer in humanity.


Learn more about me here.

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