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Calling all the women seekers and dreamers who are ready to embody more sexual and sensual confidence! It’s time to unleash your limitless creative power, connection, and confidence, with Carla Wainwright: Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, for a five month heart-led online coaching program.

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Are you ready to feel more confident in your body and reclaim your sexual desire?

Do you become overwhelmed by the thought of never being enough?

Are you tired of going through all the motions in your life and relationships?

Is your mind on ALL.THE.TIME?

Are you over the feelings of being sexually numb, checked out, and disinterested?

Do you want your life to feel different? Present. Alive. Turned On?

if this sounds like you, then read on!

Radiant one,


You are invited to join Carla — Healer, Priestess & Sex, Love and Relationship Coach — and a small group of other women awakening together to our innate, feminine sexual power.

When we gather, we remember ourselves in one another. We mirror another, witness another, and love another as we truly are: whole, divine, powerful. Our gathering together will create a true sisterhood of women so that we can amplify our individual and collective Feminine awakening.

My signature class, the Body of the Goddess Group Coaching Program, is perfect for a woman who wants to dive deeper into embodiment, ceremony, and sacred sexuality practices. It will guide her to use her internal compass to help find her innermost desires and experiences of pleasure.

This program has a five month container, meaning you commit to 5 consecutive months in the group. This provides a combination of consistency, community, and commitment that will help create lasting positive effects in your life.

This 5-month group coaching program takes you through a journey of the 5 sacred themes of Embracing the Sacred Feminine: Remembrance, Healing, Transformation, Awakening, and Essence. Every month we will connect in person three times over Zoom to deep dive into that month’s theme.

This is an experience of moving through a series of Portals takes you deeper and deeper within.

The journey is a spiral and you move into more delicate and subtle layers of experience through an ongoing unfolding of initiation through all five Portals of the Body of the Goddess experience.

All that is needed is your commitment to move through all 5 Portals of the Body of the Goddess experience.




You acknowledge the deep inner knowing that has called you to remember the essence of who you are. Your deeper knowledge and wisdom are activated. 



  • You heed the call to put yourself first, lead by example, and experience something beyond the day to day of your life

  • You feel deeply in your blood and bones that you are called to awaken your sexual power for a reason

  • You connect to the importance of gathering as women and helping each other explore the gifts offered in these spaces


Portal of Remembrance


You cultivate the capacity to become receptive and listen. You are aware and resonant with the subtle realms of feeling. You are connected to coherency, flow, and ease.



  • You will connect with your conscious breath to feel more enlivened and connected with pleasure within your body

  • You will be intentional with moments of presence to feel more within your body

  • You will be able to prioritize pleasure in your life


Portal of Healing



You experience the womb and heart as the true guide of the Feminine. You trust the intuitive guidance that comes from these sacred parts of you.



  • You will learn how to drop into your heart, womb, and sex to hear guidance from those spaces so you can live your life with more authenticity, intuition, and grace

  • You will experience making choices that reflect the guidance of your power centres

  • You will discover how to feel resonance with your own feminine power so you can discern which qualities you need in any given moment and follow the flow of feeling and intuition


Portal of Transformation


You discover the capacity to stand in your authentic power and the sovereign alignment with the truth of who you are. You feel turned on simply by being alive.



  • You will be witnessed by your fellow Queens in your ability to stand confidently in your own inner authority and communicate your needs and desires truthfully, and you will feel your capacity to return home, being able to stand fully in your power

  • You will experience in every fibre of your being how to consciously access your creative sexual life force that powers your dreams and desires so you can live a life that turns you on in every way


Portal of Awakening



You return home to your true essence as love and unconditional acceptance. You can channel the Feminine as a transmission of embodied presence in your daily life.



  • You will cultivate the confidence that you are guided by your internal compass, knowing that when you embody the pleasure of the Feminine, you are unstoppable, awakened, and empowered to say YES to life

  • You will become attuned to recognize instantly when you are not in alignment with your inner truth and can change course immediately

  • You will learn how to feel whole, seen, and exquisitely alive!


Portal of Essence

Every month we will connect in person multiple times over Zoom to deep dive into that month’s theme.

Here is the weekly breakdown:

Week 1: Ceremony & Intention Setting

The first call of every month is a ceremony to create a sacred circle for the group, to explore our theme, and anchor our intentions and desires in ritual space. Each ceremony is unique and finds its lineage in the Earth Priestess Arts.

Ceremony and ritual are vitally important in our lives – but many of us have lost our connection to celebrating in this way. When we create a ritual practice devoted to the sacred feminine, we are ultimately worshiping ourselves. We remember that we are worth celebrating.

Our ceremonies call in the energy of each of the 5 portals and help us to get really clear on our intention for the theme of the month. We create an energetic focal point for each part of the journey which helps hone our intuition, creative powers, and inspiration.

Week 2: Group Discovery & Coaching

During our second week each month, we will be exploring practices and teachings that help expand and deepen the monthly theme. Practices are multifaceted and can include inquiry, breath work, embodiment practices, and sharing. There is also an opportunity to be coached by Carla on the call and get support from the group.

Some of the explorations we will cover include:

  • Heart Awakening and Total Love Practice

  • Holistic Pleasure Practice

  • Escaping the Drama Triangle

  • Exploring Commitments and Expressing our Creative Genius

  • Desire Mapping


Week 3: Sex Magic

Simply, sex magic is the practice of using orgasms and overall sexual energy to help you manifest something you desire. Sounds great doesn't it?

In a practical, embodied, and physiological way, this kind of manifestation is incredibly potent because you are bringing all parts of your body and mind online as you ask for, call in, and really visualize what you want. When you mix that with sexual energy and your sexual pleasure, it primes the deeper parts of your mind and deeper parts of your brain and body to know that actually having your desire feels good. Internal conflicts are eliminated, and all of you gets online with your desires.

Where your mind goes, energy flows. Each month we will explore a guided Sex Magic practice to get what you really want in your life.



Daily Group Connection & Support in a private Facebook group with prompts, content, and lots of opportunities for engagement and connection with Carla.

Accountability/Support Sister to witness and hold space for you through the program.

Monthly Bonus Sessions with specific themes to enhance your experience. Topics include: Resourcing and Setting Up Your Sacred Space, Pussy Dearmouring, Relating to Resistance, The Power of Appreciation, A Letter From Your Future Self.

**For women who would like extra support during this journey, you can add a 75 minute 1:1 personalized healing session  each month with Carla.

From the Mouths of Babes

More kind words from some of my lovely clients. 

"Anything I do with Carla is absolute magick! She puts her heart, soul, and years of knowledge and experience into everything she does. During the BOG course I feel I grew 5 years in just 5 months! I feel strong, secure, rooted, safe, sexy, connected, and empowered. I loved learning to accept all the pieces and sides to me, even the dark. I would recommend any work with Carla at any phase of your journey, but especially if you're feeling lost or have any doubt in yourself and you're ready to reconnect with your inner knowing and grow your trust with yourself!" ~ Jenna Hanson

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From the Mouths of Babes

More kind words from some of my lovely clients. 

“I am so happy that I took this program. When I was envisioning my new year ahead, Carla asked me to think of how I really wanted to feel instead of just what I wanted to do. I realized that was actually hard for me to connect with. I knew I desired to know my desires, and to change from my steady state of stress. Over the course, I began to explore what I might desire, and how that felt, and it became easier. Celebrating my desires doesn’t feel so far-fetched now. I also experienced more and different kinds of pleasure in my body, and felt empowered and processed powerful emotions using pleasure. The group setting was so perfect and Carla’s guidance even from a distance easily reached my inner core and brought out authentic expressions. Highly recommend.” ~ Lacy Scuffi


"This was a great program that showed me how to trust myself and listen to my inner truth/being. I feel it is still a long road to healing but this was an amazing experience and breakthrough. Carla was incredible at holding space for all of us. I felt heard and supported. I would recommend this program for anyone looking to dive deeper into our inner truths/knowing." ~ Rebekah Smiley


Investment: YOU Decide!


You might know that I call myself a Radical Sex Witch - which means I like to do radical things. Things that shake up paradigms and the status quo. For that reason I am offering a radical way to participate in this five month journey. I want YOU to choose a self-determined fee that feels right to you. 

What does this mean? Well, I invite you to feel into what amount feels in alignment with what I am offering and what you are capable of giving. Now I know that sometimes these two things don't completely match. And that’s OK. You will know the right amount - it will feel clean, fair, honest, represents your commitment to the program and respects your financial means

You decide and act out of your own personal sovereignty and give what reflects your feeling of gratitude. Whatever the amount, I welcome and honour your choice.

Please read the FAQ section below and then, if you are ready, click on the button below to fill out the registration form.

  • Who is the Body of the Goddess for?
    This is a 5 month online program for the woman who may be: Feeling overwhelmed with all the things on her to-do list Feeling burnt out, depleted, and like she has very little left to give Yearning for something different but is unsure what Consistently putting others’ needs before her own Sensually/sexually shut down Hating parts or all of her body Feeling disconnected from who she really is and actually not sure who that is Craving deeper and more meaningful connections with friends and loved ones And instead, desires: Feeling loved and witnessed, having all her emotions, feelings, and thoughts celebrated and honored Being supported in an intimate community of like-minded women who are on a similar healing journey Shifting from nervous system dysregulation to a reprogrammed and coherent nervous system Having a safe space to practice healing and integration practices to release fear, shame, guilt, and trauma Moving from being disconnected to her body to understanding how her body is THE instrument to come home to herself Creating and amplifying Feminine Energy in her daily life—through ceremony, rituals, and practices Learning how to embody her authentic Sex Goddess nature by resolving her past, fully embracing her sexuality, and learning to delight in all of life’s pleasures Women of any age are welcome and anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome.
  • What is my expected participation?
    This container has both a live call format as well as a private Facebook group that will be available 24/7. Every month there will be four scheduled live calls. The main calls (3) are held on Tuesdays from 10-11:30 am PST: Week 1: Ceremony Week 2: Coaching Week 3: Sex Magic There will be a 4th monthly call that will be scheduled each month and held as a Facebook Live within the private group. This call will be recorded and available to watch at a later time: however the three live main calls will NOT be recorded. For this reason, the invitation is for you to make the commitment to show up to our three main calls each month. The transmission you will receive is unique and co-created by everyone present. You will not be able to receive this in any other way. I ask that you be honest with yourself about your capacity to commit to the container for the five months - for yourself and for the other women in the space. Of course, there may be times you are unable to attend, but this should be the infrequent exception. The Facebook group will have weekday daily prompts to reflect upon. as well as additional material and practices. It is a great place to share ideas, challenges, and celebrations, and nurture our community. This will be accessible at any time during your five-month journey.
  • Are the calls recorded?
    Calls will not be recorded. This work is very deep and invites you to come into a place of honesty, vulnerability, and courage. It is of primary importance to me to create a container of safety and to preserve that safety for everyone who is present. With our judgements suspended as we enter the temple space, we are able to be fully present in real time with our sisters. Energy is exchanged and the bonds of affection are strengthened. Not having the calls recorded also empowers you to make the commitment to attend our sessions and make them a priority in your week.
  • I'm not really clear about how much to pay? Can you provide more insight?
    I understand that this is a different approach and may be new for you. It is new for me too! For some time I have longed to provide my work in a way that provides more autonomy to the participant and also respects where that person is at financially. I am inspired by the Gift Economy and the work of Charles Eisenstein (Living in the Gift) as a way to transition from a mindset or story of scarcity, to a mindset and a story and a lived experience of abundance. This is not a free course. Free and by gift are not the same thing. I don’t want there to be any financial barriers to entry, in a world where money is often so unfairly distributed. I don’t want to keep anyone out who could benefit from the material here. I honour and welcome any amount that feels clean, fair, and honest, and that respects your financial means. Everything in the Body of the Goddess program (apart from additional 1:1 sessions with me) is available to you regardless of what you choose to pay. So how to know the right amount? Here are a few things to consider: Your financial means Your anticipation of value Similar courses on the market (i.e., I have offered this course previously at $2,500) Your desire to support my continued work And one more consideration that is VERY important: the amount feels safe to pay and is also a representation of your COMMITMENT to this program - to fully show up and be engaged. So close your eyes, take some deep breaths into your belly. Having taken in this information, what amount bubbles up within you? Whatever the amount is, it is gratefully received as a gift from you. And finally, if at the end of the journey you feel that you paid too much or too little, you will have the opportunity to adjust the amount to something that feels more in alignment with your feeling of gratitude (or disappointment) and desire to support me to make more learning journeys in the future.
  • I'm interested in the additional 75 minute 1:1 with Carla each month
    In the Body of the Goddess program, some women decide that they would like additional support and guidance directly from me to deepen and enhance their experience. There is the option to add on personalized 1:1 sessions over the course of the five-month program. Single sessions of 90 minutes are $333 and a 5 session package is $1,500. This includes a detailed summary, practice suggestions and additional resources sent to you afterwards. There is no expectation for you to purchase these additional sessions; they are simply available if they feel right. Some of the reasons you may choose to have additional 1:1 support in the program include: Support navigating personal challenges that come up during the 5 months Customized nervous system support to help you have a more reprogrammed and coherent nervous system Removing blockages in the physical, emotional and energy bodies to access the transformational power of your sexual energy Personalized and private experience within a safe container, with feedback, guidance and support from me Support that fits your own schedule If you are curious or have questions, reach out to me at and we can schedule a zero obligation, heart connected call to discuss your questions and needs and see if this is the right fit for you.
  • When does the next Body of the Goddess program begin?
    The next Body of the Goddess group coaching program will begin in October 2023 - although you are welcome to sign up and get on the wait list at any time. There are five sacred themes/portals of we explore through embracing the Sacred Feminine: Remembrance, Healing, Transformation, Awakening, and Essence. The feminine is not linear. She often moves in a spiral, so that each portal takes you deeper and deeper within. In every portal, you experience more delicate and subtle layers of experience in an ongoing unfolding of initiation. ​ Your commitment to move through all five portals of the Body of the Goddess journey brings you into the depth of the experience.
BOG FAQ Anchor

One final message from me


Dear Sister,

Do you know how uniquely, amazingly spectacular you are?

Sometime we forget. I know, I do as well.

But I am here to help you remember that you are magnificent. That you are powerful. That you are a goddess incarnated.

And I want you to really feel this, to be this, in your blood and bones.

So I ask you, are you ready? Do you feel the call to stop playing small and be true and authentic to yourself? To amplify your sexual and sensual power to the next stratosphere?

I see you.

And bow to you, to us. The goddesses of our times.

I would love to journey with you in this 5-month container.

If you’re called to raise your voice and step into your power, then I extend my open hand to you.


All my love,


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